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Keep fighting, make the future brighter.

by alzabo

Posted on Monday, May 5, 2008
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Street Fighter IV is going to land in our sticky little hands eventually and Capcom hopes that people who don't worshop at the alter of Street Fighter will buy it. Capcom's promotion of the title with slick screen caps and exclusive previews in the likes of EGM appease the core audience and make the game seem quite attractive to non-expert players.

I recently read that the game was not being developed internally at Capcom as I'd been lead to believe and that it had been farmed out to Dimps, the shovelware and anime game company made up of ex-SNK employees who've brought us such memorable titles as Inuyasha: A feudal Fairy Tale, Digimon Battle Spirit 2 and the failed Atomiswave/PS2 vs. Fighter The Rumble Fish.


While I will reserve judgment until I've had some hands-on time I must admit that I am no longer anticipating Street Fighter IV. The game still has potential to be great, but I am curious as to why Capcom would farm out such an important nostalgic title to Dimps. Maybe it doesn't make financial sense to put your good staff on a niche genre title like Street Fighter.

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