Supple Think: Enix's atrophied appendage twitchs once more

Enix's atrophied appendage twitchs once more

by alzabo

Posted on Tuesday, July 1, 2008
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Chrono Trigger for Nintendo DS. I guess this is the sign we've been waiting for.

Back when Enix and Square merged many invisioned a future where both RPG power-houses would colaborate and create a slave army of basement dwelling teenagers that would be wholely incapable of doing anything more menacing than making people around them feel uncomfortable any time they open their maws to emit a horrible mixture of internet memes and feminine Japanese.

While the above nightmare has come to pass, it is not by Enix's hand. They actually merged with Square to endlessly rehash all of Square's old properties until they are completely unprofitable. While Enix's wish to grind Square into dust may seem cruel, at least they have found a way to keep Tetsuya Nomura's emaciated, zipper clad, emo charecter designs from infecting other games.

With Chrono Trigger on the horizon I suppose a wireless multiplayer version of Secret of Mana isn't far behind.

The only reasons I would consider replaying Chrono Trigger again is to name everyone in my party Lavos. Article Permalink



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