Supple Think: Playing Games the Wrong Way.

Playing Games the Wrong Way.

by alzabo

Posted on Wednesday, August 6, 2008
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"Sometimes you have to make your own fun" is a phrase I heard often as a child. I can't claim to have had a especially active imagination, but I did run around in the woods with my friends making stuff up.

When I got older my friends and I would try to best each other's accomplishments on NES. Many of the games had built in "yard sticks" for player skill, Metroid rewarded speedy play with bonus ending content and Super Mario Brothers 2 had hidden levels for expert players. Recent games are no different, with Xbox Live Achievement Points and PSN Trophies.

I don't have any complaints about these modern revisions of classic game extending modes and competitions. I just hope that the artificial creation of extended game play goals doesn't end up killing the idea of "screwing around" in a game just because.

When a player has extracted all the achievement points he can from a game, do they never return to it? I've started to notice this happening lately to games that should have absurd levels of replay value. I wonder if the current generation of games will have speed run communities build up around them?

What happened to the player "making their own fun?" What do you think?

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