Supple Think: Happy Birthday Dreamcast!

Happy Birthday Dreamcast!

by alzabo

Posted on Sunday, September 7, 2008 The Dreamcast came out on 09/09/1999 and barely lasted 2 years in the retail channel.

If you somehow missed the train on the Dreamcast and want to find out what all the hubub is about you can buy one for the same price as a pair of flip-flops. No need to worry about throwing your money down a sink-hole by buying rare games for a dead system because the Dreamcast was cracked so hard you can just burn CDroms and they play.

This week's ultra-long Retronauts does a good job recapping the short (and some would say depressing) history of the Dreamcast.

Here are two reasons why the Dreamcast was awesome:

Sega was humble.
Or maybe just desperate. Does groveling actually work in a TV ad?

Jesus Christ, that cat just ate all those mice!
This is the best video game commercial ever. Article Permalink



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