Supple Think: I Have Lived A Thousand Lives

I Have Lived A Thousand Lives

by BrentoBox

Posted on Tuesday, November 3, 2009 It makes sense for the Military to use video games and science fiction to try to appeal to this generation (or maybe the next generation?) to try to increase recruitment. It's not stretching to far to say that video games are an almost universal past time of our generation. So with adds like the one below

it's pretty obvious what angle they are going for.

That's not to say its a bad idea, or inherently wrong either. It's just smart advertising, and honestly, a step above their previous adds.

Sorry. Marine or not, no one is defeating a giant lava monster with a tiny sword.

My concern is whether or not enough thought was given to just what happens in games, and especially in FPS's, which is likely the demographic they are targeting. Do they have any idea how many times players repeatedly DIE unexpectedly and horribly in video games? The process of learning through trial and error from death is inherent in games now. You can hardly be expected to play almost any game where you are given control of an actual person/character and not have the game be based around preventing their death to some degree; a task which you are not expected to carry out flawlessly. To take a medium where progress is literally driven by death and use it as a means to encourage recruitment seems slightly shortsighted. The man fighting the lava monster would have died at least 8 times before getting that one critical hit. Seems like a pretty epic boss. Article Permalink



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