Supple Think: Harvest: It's like Tower Defense but it's not a mod for anything

Harvest: It's like Tower Defense but it's not a mod for anything

by K1

Posted on Friday, August 17, 2007
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I should be writing Starcraft Vs Street Fighter: Part 2 but instead I am playing Harvest:

(Note that I do know what I want to say about fighting games, I got a nice bulleted list here, but I'm not feeling the write-a-lot vibes right now.)

Anyways, Harvest is like tower defense except I don't have to wait for Warcraft 3 to load, then log into, then wait for people to join my game, then lose instantly when they quit or time out. You build solar power stations to power mining facilities to mine more resources to build more power stations and mining facilites (which run out of nearby minerals so you have to expand). Then the aliens come and you need to build defense lasers and upgradeable missile turrets. Missiles are okay (actually they suck considering how much minerals + power they take for how much they kill) but the awesome thing is that the laser turrets can link together to become more powerful (intelligent) lasers. If you link enough lasers to one laser you get a Death Star level laser of doom that can cover the entire map. That seems to be the best strategy so far, as building three of these super laser arrays has gotten me to about level 90 before I finally get overrun. It is also important to specify the attack priorities of the various defense buildings that way they don't attack the wrong thing and you die. Here's a protip, make it a priority to attack the spawner enemy above the stuff that it spawns, otherwise you are just making more work for yourself.

The game is in beta, so I'm sure they have much balancing tweaks that have left to be made, but it's free for now, which is a damn good price for the amount of amusement I'm getting out of it.

In other news, my brother got an Xbox360 but he refuses to put it in the living room, so I can't exactly go and play it any time I want, sad. I refuse to go through the effort to join the Call of Duty 4 beta if that's the case. Article Permalink



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