Supple Think: Is a relapse imminent? Halo 3 Game Fuel, already fueling the start of an addiction?

Is a relapse imminent? Halo 3 Game Fuel, already fueling the start of an addiction?

by Nanohana

Posted on Wednesday, August 15, 2007
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Reflecting back on the time period when I became the type of person that I hate. That is the person who owns an XBox and only 1 game and only plays one game exclusively. The game being Halo 2. I can't claim to hate these individuals anymore as I really REALLY enjoyed my time as one of them. (Also it would be absolutely ridiculous to actually hate someone for this reason.) I was playing an average of 12 hours a night, while working full time and also going to a couple concerts a week. This was barely possible and only possible with the help of Rock Star Energy drink. Of course at the end of a Halo 2 stint I would be left with a 3 week long cold/sickness due to barely sleeping and having a weakened immune system. My problem was so serious an intervention had to be formed.

I made a special trip to the store last night to pick up some Halo 3 Mountain Dew Game Fuel. With 30% more caffeine! I was so happy to see Master Chief and the Halo 3 logo there on the Mountain Dew packaging in front of me. Yesterday was it's release day, since when does Soda have a release day? What possessed me to go to the store and purchase this and drink it?!?! I drink an average of less than a soda a week so this is unlike me. Also I generally hate Burger King's food, I heard that they are going to have some exclusive Halo 3 xbox live codes for content. I hate to say it but if this is true it will convince me to choke down some of their food. So please don't let this be true! After all I did when Sneak King came out. Also the Halo themed packaging seems to only be on the "King" sized meal cup and fries. King sized whatever that is,it involves a 42 ounce soda apparently, sounds absolutely disgusting.

I played a few times in the Halo 3 beta when it was open through Crackdown. The first time I saw all the stats tracking which made Halo 2 so addictive for me, I thought maybe I should quit this game right now. I foresee many great long and wonderful nights of Halo 3 parties in the near future though. With 4 player online co-op I know I'm going to be spending a lot of time on this one. It has yet to be seen if my game addiction will play out with this version like it did the last, I'm not very good anymore since I've been rehabbed. But does that make it less fun? There are too many other games on the horizon and I have to enjoy them all. In the 6 weeks before Halo 3 is released I will be acquiring and playing Bioshock, Blue Dragon, and Eternal Sonata. How is this ever going to work? I have no idea...does it make having a game addiction ok if I play different games or just spend all my free time on one particular one. Not sure if I even have any free time...

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