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time sink gaming

by Schleich

Posted on Monday, October 6, 2008
Unfortunately I haven't been able to participate in this practice much anymore. I used to all the time though. Here are some of my previous favorite time sinks, with a brief summary.

Sim City -- floods suck
Sim City 2000 -- space arcologies -> people suffocated to death
Final Fantasy VII -- standard crap everyone did
Final Fantasy Tactics -- chess, but your knight can jump up cliffs and it grants you two moves at once
Total Annihilation -- Just how many Big Berthas can you build? What happens when you decide the walls to your base should be nothing but missile turrets? These questions and more tonight at nine.
Diablo II -- also known as advanced solitaire
Pokemon Red/Blue -- dragonite ruled that shit, but the game boy color's IR port did not
Counter-Strike -- oh dear, headed up a clan, played thousands of hours, literally, also fag/gay
Morrowind -- I never beat the game, but I damn near stole everything or at least almost everything
Disgaea -- beating ______ is annoying and time consuming
Oblivion -- all but 4 quests completed, and those 4 glitched so I couldn't finish them, guild master of all guilds, dragonknight of the fancy parlor tradesmith quest was the best

Trust me, I am not proud.

My current behavior involves buying a game, beating it in a day. Then never speaking of it again. Which is sad, but it is the only way I can keep reasonably up to date with new games. CoD 4, Braid, Assassin's Creed, Mass Effect, Rock Band, and others all fell to this impersonal method. I suppose I should be happy that I still get the opportunity to finish the games.

The game that will take me to the brink will be Fallout 3. I simply can not wait to pack rat live explosives on other people. Article Permalink



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