Supple Think: Who might I pay for a video game?

Who might I pay for a video game?

by Schleich

Posted on Saturday, October 11, 2008
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Half year ago I was bugged to write something about folks out there that I would like to give money to. You know for making games or something.

I figure there are plenty of game makers out there that are creative, and I am pretty sure my contemporaries here at supple think have named plenty of them.

I will take a different tack. Here are three “fine” artists that I think make some pretty neat stuff. I would really just like to see what these folk would do with a medium such as electronic entertainment. With a video game how do you integrate meaning without subjecting your audience to a movie? Will their creativity and training cross over? Google any of these names to find their websites and look at more of their work.

Michael A. Salter

If you don’t know google him, he is incredibly popular. He has his faults, but if you can get by the clich├ęs in his beliefs then you can enjoy his work for what it is. I really wonder if he could maintain his sensibilities about the world if he was challenged with making a game with market appeal.

Kris Kuksi
Kuksi’s latest work is incredible, called “the grotesque.” Imagine navigating an environment styled in such a way, with game play and story driven by such a mind.

That is about it for now. I have listed three artists; there are however hundreds if not thousands of established “fine” artists that would make excellent additions to development teams.

I have qualified “fine” in this article because art and artist are perhaps two of the most meaningless terms in the English language.

I just hope writing on this blog I can expose at least a few of my friends to some art they will enjoy. Article Permalink



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